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BIQ comes to the rescue of Nala Municipality

Nala Municipality serves the towns Bothaville, Kgotsong, Wesselsbron, Monyakeng and surrounding farms.

Up to 2007 Finstel and JD Edwards were used to process the council’s information. The BIQ ERP was selected to replace the mentioned systems, so as to provide an integrated management system for Nala. The project was completed in 5 months and the changeover went very smoothly. Statements were delivered on time every month

The main contractor for Nala was Molele JGS (Also seeValor IT and the Cipro saga) using Quill as subcontractor. Payments for services delivered by Quill Associates (owners of the BIQ ERP) were discontinued. No agreement to resolve the issue could be reached with Mr. Shongwe (the then MM of Nala) resulting in Quill withdrawing it’s services to Nala.

Pastel was selected to replace BIQ and the cost to Nala for this decision escalated to around R 6 million. Since July 2010, Pastel was however unable to produce acceptable consumer statements. Nala’s monthly bill is in the order of R 11 million.

VIP was selected to replace the integrated Payment module in BIQ. Since July 2010 no salary costs were posted to the General Ledger.

The general ledger and all other systems (e.g. Stores, Asset register, Project management, etc) is currently in total disarray.

KPMG was appointed to produce the financial statements for 2009/2010 and Dinatla was appointed to produce the 2010/2011 financial statements. Needless to say, Molele LGS failed to provide the information required to produce the mentioned statements.

In February 2012, Quill was approached to assist with the above tasks and to bring order to the utter chaos in Nala. Within two weeks of being appointed, consumer statements for January 2012 were produced. Consumer statements for February 2012 will be posted in the first week of April 2012 and the plan is to be up to date with these within two months.

Quill is assisting KPMG to obtain the information required to produce the financial statements and has also started providing assistance to Dinatla.

Talk to Quill about BIQ if your council experience problems with your systems. We will assist you with a truly integrated Municipal Management System. Also do not believe the utter rubbish that one often find in newspapers, rather contact the parties involved to get the true story.

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